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I Take On the Universe

Ever have a morning where you are pretty sure the cogs of the universe are moving against you?  Well I think that is the best way to describe this morning's workout.

I went to bed last night with a plan.  Go to the local high school track and do sprint intervals, simple enough.  Alarm goes off at 3am, get up and make my way to the kitchen to get breakfast started.  All of a sudden a bright flash followed by a loud crash of thunder.  I look out the picture window in the living room and it's a full-on thunder storm.  I had planned for this, I had a cardio routine of burpees and box jumps I could do at the gym.  I told myself, "just make breakfast and see if the storm moves on."

Finished breakfast got my workout gear together and looked outside.  No thunder or lightning, but it was still raining.  "I can run in this", I told myself.  Got in the car and drove to the local high school track.

When I arrived at the track it wasn't even 5am yet, and I noticed t…

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